Network Issue - West Midlands DC2

February 12, 2024 at 10:05 AM
Resolved after 4 days


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  • Resolved

    This incident is now resolved and the wavelengths in question have been reintroduced to our network.

  • Monitoring

    Service has remained stable for some time. Initial investigations indicate an issue with 2 wavelengths from Wolverhampton to London, causing a number of protocols to flap, interrupting traffic. We took action to disable those wavelengths which stabilised traffic. We will be reintroducing those wavelengths during a planned window late one evening to be able to monitor traffic as they're reintroduced.

  • Monitoring

    After around 5 minutes of service interruption in total, we are seeing services return to normal. Please raise a ticket if you're experiencing any issues.

  • Identified

    We are still seeing services flap, this has been raised to director-level with the upstream provider.

    They have confirmed they're currently investigating the root cause of the incident.

  • Investigating

    We're currently investigating an issue with packet loss in one of our data centres. At the moment, this appears to be isolated to an issue with an upstream provider and not on our network. We'll keep this incident updated throughout.

    This will cause issues with some VPS services, as well as some customer dedicated servers and colocation.